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1st Annual USA Style National Sovereignty Day Pork Pull and Beer Bash


If you couldn’t tell by yesterday’s blog, I was spewing a little venom toward the way PM Maliki christened the new Iraqi holiday, National Sovereignty Day.  If you think I’ve changed my tone and cooled down a little, I haven’t.  But I have to tell you, I am glad we weren’t invited to the party.

So the question begs to be asked, what would any red-blooded-American-barrel-chested-freedom-fighter do in the face of such adversity?  We would throw our own party, that’s what the hell we would do!

Now that's a grill!

Now that's a grill!

So we fired up the grill and burned some flesh.  We had pork ribs, beef ribs, ribeyes, strip steaks, chicken wings, chicken quarters, salsa, beans, rice, potatoes and even beer.  (Ok, it was NA beer, but I had to go to the office so it wasn’t like I was going to get loaded anyway.)  There is nothing like the smell of all that animal flesh over charcoal being cooked to perfection.  How anyone could be a member of PETA is beyond me.  My mouth is watering just thinking of what we ate today.  I actually ate three kinds of animal today! 

"I love it when a plan comes together", Baghdad, Iraq

"I love it when a plan comes together", Baghdad, Iraq

Some took advantage of the hot sun to get that deep, dark, savage tan and enjoy a tasty cigar.  We talked about politics, and the brothers we recently lost.  Others used it as some much needed down time and slept the day away.  Most spent their time eating great food, with great friends.  We were on a mission to stuff as much steak, pork and chicken and NA beer down our throats as humanly possible.  Someone even invited the Iraqi Division Sergeant Major to enjoy the festivities.   Don’t worry though.  For you Muslims readers out there, we made sure he didn’t partake in the pork. 

With some kick-ass classic American jams from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s blasting in the background, it was a meal fit for a king…or a sheik…or a Prime Minister.  Fuck that!  It was fit for an American barrel-chested-freedom-fighter!

Let the Feast Begin!

Let the Feast Begin!

Afterword, there was the nightly soccer tournament.  Everyone is still talking about how the US team should have beaten Brazil the other night.  (In case you missed it, the US was up 2-0. Then, 1-2-3, just like that, Brazil won 3-2.)  Anyhow, on our 50 foot by 20 foot pavement covered soccer pitch (only limited by size because of living quarters and concrete walls) with custom made goals, volunteer referees, and a soccer ball as hard as a rock, everyone playing felt like they were on the US soccer team, even if it was  for just a few minutes.

The best part of the day was when the Iraqi Sergeant Major received a phone call from one of his buddies.  His friend said, “Hey congratulations on getting rid of the Americans!”

He answered, “Hey asshole, I’m sitting here partying with them.  Can’t you hear the western music in the background?”  Then he hung up and ate some more meat.

God I love America!  Not perfect, but second to none.

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  1. Household 6 permalink
    2009/07/01 16:50

    Good for you guys!! Thank D. for the eye candy 😉

  2. Ellen permalink
    2009/07/01 16:28

    Love it! Looks like a scene right out of MASH!

  3. Charlene Kay Twomey permalink
    2009/07/01 15:39

    RIGHT ON!!!!! Try to follow your blogs every day. You are an amazing writer. Thanks for all you do and be safe!


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