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Hunted Like a Dog and Killed


This week, four Iraqi soldiers were killed in the middle of the night while manning a checkpoint.

Two teenagers approached a checkpoint in a car, got out, and killed two of the Iraqi soldiers instantly.  The third and fourth, asleep in a small hut, ran for their lives.  One soldier didn’t get very and was gunned down.  The other, after running approximately 200 meters, went to a house and banged on a door.  An elderly woman answered the door but when the soldier asked for help, she turned him away. 

Tragically, the teenage killers were probably seduced by dreams of martyrdom, religious rhetoric pitting Sunni against Shia or vice versa.  They were likely in need of money to help support their family and were probably promised large sums of money for killing the soldiers, or even more money if they were killed in the process and chances are, that was never going to happen.

Just as tragic, the soldiers at the checkpoints were probably sleeping, joking around, smoking cigarettes, out of uniform and just generally not paying attention.

The elderly woman was perhaps afraid of what might happen to her if she helped the soldier.  She didn’t know who was chasing the soldier or why, but as is still the case, there is always a chance of retribution for helping someone during a war.

The remaining Iraqi soldier, fleeing for his life, was hunted like a dog, and killed.

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  1. dixiedollbaby permalink
    2009/07/12 18:08

    This is sad, but not altogether unexpected. I don’t think there is much belief in the readiness of the Iraqi soldiers. Time table or not, it’s unfortunate that they must learn the importance of vigilance and readiness for duty counted in deaths. But…I’m not Commander In Chief any more than you are.

    I know that they were taught by the very best in the world. They now must take those lessons to heart, or suffer the consequence of returning to their former way of life in tyranny.

    At home, we’re told by the President, via MSM that this violence — these casualties — were anticipated and are not a sign of problems with the Iraqi people’s ability to take charge. Rational thinking leads me to believe that these troops are simply not disciplined enough to keep the peace.

    As always … time will tell.

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