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Iraqi Army: Officer vs. Enlisted


 If this blog had smell, you would really be able to get the full effect.  The first person to leave a comment guessing what they don’t use in their bathrooms wins the first ever Iron Camel ball cap. (As soon as I get one made.)







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  1. dixiedollbaby permalink
    2009/07/12 17:54

    No bleach. Don’t touch anything!

  2. 2009/07/12 13:48

    Sort of reminds me of Italy. Difference being there it wasn’t a single stall it was a room with a trench along the wall. Foot prints on the floor for where to stand and you actually leaned against the same wall that you peed against.

    Wow, glad I haven’t had breakfast yet. 😉

    Stay safe my friend.


  3. lesli permalink
    2009/07/12 03:41

    but the ‘pretty bow’ makes up for it, right?!?!?!

  4. Mike Carr permalink
    2009/07/12 02:08

    Well maybe the bidet is on the fritz? They have bidets instead, right? Animals.

  5. Mike Carr permalink
    2009/07/12 02:06

    No bidets? They must have bidets, no? Animals.

  6. 2009/07/11 22:49

    And THAT right there is why the USA is the best country in the world. Can I get an amen?

  7. 2009/07/11 21:57

    NO toilet tissue…That is plain nasty…EEEWWWWW be careful which hand you shake! (LOL)

  8. Ellen permalink
    2009/07/11 21:11

    that is just so wrong! I think I can actually smell it!

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