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Terrorist Dead: Another One Bites the Dust


Once again, we mounted up for a late night mission to a small village in the middle of western Iraq.  Through the darkness we moved, the engines of our Iron Camels roaring, unaware of what awaits us at our destination.

Intermingled inside of an Iraqi convoy, nothing stopped us as we blazed down the highways. We sped past checkpoints, through towns, and watch as civilian vehicles pull over and keep their distance from us.  Inside our Humvee, the radios are quiet.  Everyone was tired and hot.  It was a long day that parleyed into a longer evening.

An hour later, our convoy, 30 vehicles strong, poured into this tiny village, quickly followed by another convoy almost as large.  In the distance, the surreal vision of vehicles covered in high powered lights, searched the nooks and crannies of the roadway looking for IEDs.

By 2:00 am, we were on foot following behind the Iraqi General leading the mission.  As he walked down the street, he acted as if he owned them hands behind his back, chin held high, conversing with his staff and an American Colonel. 

As we advanced down the street, his soldiers entered homes.  First knocking on doors, then, if no one answered, they would let themselves inside.  After a quick and not very thorough search, the soldiers would move to the next house and the next one after that.  Throughout the garbage laden streets they did the same thing, over and over all night long.  I looked around trying to find anything suspicious.  It’s a weird feeling walking the streets of a neighborhood in a foreign country filled with people that want to kill you.  It’s so easy to be taken out.  You can never see into all of the dark corners. You can only do your best. But there is that one time that your best might not be good enough, and it only takes once.

When the general reached the end of the street, we all stood around a hole.  The hole was about three feet deep by about 4 feet across.  The general reached in, pulled out some plastic, and discussed the story around the hole.

The day prior, an individual was emplacing an IED and it went off.  It blew the guy up right in the middle of the street and killed him.  Good.  Another one bites the dust. I hate terrorists.  They’re pussies. The search we were doing was a simply a reactionary measure to see if we could find anything else in the village related to the IED.

By daybreak we were finished.  The General broke for breakfast and then returned to the village to retrieve his soldiers.  There was one arrest of a thief was made based off of information totally unrelated to the IED. The General’s soldiers displayed about six illegal rifles they found throughout their searches.

Anti-climactic and unceremoniously, we left.

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  1. Samantha permalink
    2009/07/20 03:56

    Thank you so much for being a soldier,you are a special kind of person to put your life on the line to protect others. God will bless and protect you while you are away from your family.Keep the faith!!! HOOOAH

  2. vickie, NJ permalink
    2009/07/19 17:22

    I think my son is out there with you, sounds like his USMC job. He can’t speak too much about it or maybe he is just trying to shield us. Either way, just know that I pray for him and all of you in Iraq and Afghanistan every day who serve in our military. God Bless You and God Bless the USA !

  3. Jim permalink*
    2009/07/15 18:12

    Everyone, Thanks again for the support! I wish I had time to respond to everyone.

    Katie, I remember something about your brother when we were in HS…the story sounds familiar.

    Liz K, thanks for your support back from the Fox News Days.

    I’ll sneak my link in there again the next time the Greenroom Blog is up!

  4. Liz K permalink
    2009/07/15 16:58

    Dear Jim,
    I first saw you on Alisyn Camarota’s blog when you were at Fort Riley. I instantly paid attention because I’m from KS. I was so happy when you posted this site.
    I really just wanted to say thank you for what you do and for sharing some of it with us. May God bless you and your family and keep you safe.
    Thank you again.
    Liz K

  5. Katie (Cunningham) Longley permalink
    2009/07/14 19:34


    Thank you for what you are doing over there. I really enjoy reading your blogs. Please stay safe and hopefully you will get back to your beautiful family very soon. And stay home too…
    My brother was shot in Hondurous by a terrorist group when he was in the Air Force., This was like in 1986 thankfully he was only injured and is fine today… So keep doing what you are doing and hopefully all the terroists will realize their time will come..
    Stay well my friend. Katie

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