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Fight For Freedom


Poem from My Daughter 


Unexpected bombings are likely
Gunshots ringing through the night
Some say we should not fight this war
But it’s for the freedom of people,
That our soldiers fight.

They risk their lives daily
To save lives like yours
Here you live safely
While they kick down doors

They fight for freedom
Men and women just like you
They defend our country
And still will when this is through

They deserve our support
Those who wear courage like a gem
You can stand behind our soldiers
Or you can stand in front of them.


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  1. Salvatore permalink
    2009/07/20 16:22

    Good Morning Jim,
    Very nice Poem from you daughter,
    and thank you… for serving our great country.
    and I agree with Chas,
    good moms and dads produce good kids.


  2. Doug Chace permalink
    2009/07/20 08:22

    How about I stand right beside you. Just like I did last time?

    Great poem, man. You’re daughter’s spot on.


  3. 2009/07/19 22:23

    See you do stuff for Charlotte Exam…will have to check with neighbors to see if any of them get Charlotte Examiner. I am in Whispering Pines (Pinehurst).

    Stay safe.

  4. 2009/07/19 16:14

    I am a friend of Chas and listed in his blogroll. Your daughter is a very perceptive lady. If you visit my blog and leave your military address, I care package will be sent to you. I live adjacent to Bragg and am retired military.

    Thank you for your service.

    • James Gafney permalink*
      2009/07/19 21:56

      Thanks Frank! She is a smart one!

  5. 2009/07/19 16:09

    Wonderful young lady. Good Moms and Dads tend to produce good kids. 😉


  6. Ellen permalink
    2009/07/17 16:12

    wonderful!!! She should be proud!

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