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While shopping at the PX….


Recently, while on a supply run to a larger base, I had the opportunity to go to the PX (Post Exchange). Remember folks, retail is about the laws of supply and demand. The little base that I live on…there is no demand for this product.  It’s also what we call “soldier proof”.  It only takes “one step”.

Pregnent in a Combat Zone?  AAFES is there for you!

Knocked up in a Combat Zone? AAFES is there for you!

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  1. 2009/07/30 00:28

    Maybe I’ve been out too long but I thought the only time “couples” were punished was when rank was involved? Fraternization, at least, use to be a charge in the Military. I’m not aware of any rules against casual sex as long as both parties are in agreement.

    Other than “we just don’t like it” were does No Solider is permitted to have sex, or shall become pregnant in a time of war, or in a war zone, written in the UCMJ?

    Just wondering.


    • James Gafney permalink*
      2009/07/30 08:50

      Sex isn’t against the law. Fraternization (officer vs. enlisted having sex) is. Adultery is also against the law. However, if a female soldier gets pregnant while deployed, her pregnancy can affect the mission of the unit. In 2003, we had a female intelligence officer that would get us all of the intelligence we needed to make sure our pilots were safe as possible when they did missions. She was the only soldier that was in our battalion. If she got pregnant, she would have to leave the unit, ultimately having an effect on what information we gathered. Therefore, she cannot perform her duty in a combat environment. It’s an interesting debate.

    • Weasel 3 permalink
      2009/09/08 12:03

      The simple answer is General Order #1. It is the same order that says we cannot consume alcohol or possess pornography in the Iraq Theater. It is not part of the UCMJ, but as an order from a superior, it carries the same weight as law for the military.

      As someone here already wrote, sex and adultery are next to impossible to punish unless someone either catches the couple in the act, or one of the parties admits it.

      Adultery is covered in the UCMJ clearly. Sex between officers and other ranks is covered clearly, and sex between disparate ranks of soldiers/NCOs is covered somewhat in AR 600-20, chapter 14, although it is covered in an extremely vague manner. A JAG told me it was designed as a catch all, kind of like “conduct unbecoming” is for officers. It is a pretty poor catch all though, and is very difficult to prosecute.

  2. Household 6 permalink
    2009/07/29 16:32

    The question leads into an entire debate on how the military deals with these complex situations. Soldiers are not sent to war-zones to have babies. Medical screening is done prior to deployment and this includes a pregnancy test (if I am not mistaken).

    First, how can a male soldier be punished? Unless guilty by admission, proof is only obtained by a paternity test. Proof cannot be obtained until the child is born. I believe that the military’s memory is too short-term for “fair” punishment of both individuals.

    Second, the female soldier is responsible for her body. Period. Yes, “things happen”. However, if you don’t want it, don’t chance it. Of course she is going to get the blame. It is a stigma, men are looked at as pro creators, and populates, where-as an “unmarried” (or not married to that particular partner) woman is regarded as a slut. As progressive as we are attempting to be in our society, that is not going to change anytime soon.

    Third, several of these case are adulterous. Typically, the military turns its head at this, and allows it to be dealt with civilly, punishing neither offender. (There are a few exceptions to this, but usually only because the spouse of one or both of the offending individual(s) is screaming, and has concrete proof [like a baby]).

    I think the military should take a firmer punishment, and actually enforce it.

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