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Iron Camel Has it’s Own Website!!!!!!


We have moved!

Thank you!

I have received so much feedback, support and visitors to the Iron Camel Blog, that I decided to make my own website.  To everyone that has supported me, gave me advice, linked me, thank you very much.  Especially my wife Larson!

Please join me and become part of the Iron Camel Army.

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  1. Jenny permalink
    2009/08/03 17:14

    I learned about your blog from your mom’s yahoo group, bluestarfamilies. My husband and I follow you every day from Georgia.

    Our son is at jump school right now – will graduate this week-end, and then on to Ft. Bragg.
    My husband is a Vietnam vet.

    How I wish the news media would pick this up and tell the world what you are doing on a daily basis. Great stories, and well-written

    Thank you and all others who serve. And thank you for taking your time to keep us informed.

    • James Gafney permalink*
      2009/08/03 18:28

      Thanks so much and thanks for your husband’s and son’s service!

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